Announcement: Open PhD position in immunology!
Announcement: Open PostDoc position in immunology!

Exploring Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Protection…

Warm greetings, fellow macrophage and/or bioimaging enthusiasts!

Our lab is seeking to understand the immune system on a cellular and subcellular level, making it tangible through cutting edge technology and intravital imaging and compelling visuals, in order to develop therapies for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases.

On this site you will information about the lab and its inhabitants, find our recent publications and current projects, and learn about the techniques and tools we’re employing, the biomedical questions that keep us up at night and the visions we’re aspiring to pursue.

Interested or curious? The lab is currently in “setup mode” and applications for doctoral or postdoctoral positions are always welcome. Get in touch… Otherwise, positions will be announced here and communicated via social media, as soon as they become available.

Visualizing Cellular Dynamics in Damage Response…

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In depth analysis of phagocyte functions…

The main objective of the lab is to employ integrative tissue-level bio-imaging to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms tissues employ to protect themselves against unwanted immune responses. Specifically, we focus on the biology and the homeostatic functions of interstitial macrophages in vivo and explore how these cells operate during the onset of inflammation. Ultimate goal of our research is to therapeutically exploit the tissue-protective properties of these cells in order not only to treat but also prevent inflammatory diseases. As part of the OICE-Explorative Research Unit, we will establish and further advance intravital as well as in situ functional imaging approaches as tools for the exploration of spatiotemporal dynamics of immune effector cells within the context of biological tissues.